Design Process

Phase 1. The Approach

This is our time of discovery and of exploration. It’s the time we’re meeting each other, and discovering the scope, parameters and requirements of your project. It’s when we’ll be exploring the answer to the questions:   “What are my dreams, and how do I want to live?”

Measurements are taken, the team is gathered, questions are asked and answers are found. And then we’re off to the Design Phase.

Phase 2. Design Phase

Here, I’m generating ideas, researching materials and fine-tuning concepts– and then we present them to you. Many collaborations are happening throughout this phase–we’re communicating with you, and the other professionals on your team.

Preliminary selections are made, presentations given for review and approval. Decisions are made, which allows us to make specifications for your project.

Phase 3. Execution Phase

This phase is all about realizing your project. If things are to be ordered, we order them. If there’s construction, it’s happening before and during this phase. Color schemes are finalized, and so are your finishes and materials, your hardware and lighting. We’re reviewing every selection, making certain that what you get is exactly what you want.

Bits and pieces are coming in, patience is required, and you’ll hear us telling you, “Hang in there, it will come together and it will be fantastic.”

In this phase more than any other, we’re always very aware of, and very focused on, maintaining the contractor’s timeline.

And when the dust settles at the site, we’ll start seeing your home in sharper focus. The colors are going up and materials are going in. All the things we selected are arriving, and our collaborative vision is really taking shape. Walkthroughs are scheduled, and punch lists are created. (And addressed!)

Phase 4. Installation Day

This is the time. Your furniture delivery time, your art on the wall time, your flowers in the vase time. It’s the time we’ll share a cappuccino in your new kitchen. And the time you’ll move in…if not today, then the day after.

The Beauty of it All

This is the start of life in your warm and welcoming new home–a life lived in simplicity and with beauty every day.