How to design an interior with simplicity in mind

May 8, 2023


  • the state of being simple, uncomplicated or uncompounded
  • candor
  • freedom from pretense

I am often asked how to get started bringing simplicity and ease into ones own space. When designing interiors we lead with the idea of simplicity. Here are some ideas on how you can infuse a sense of simplicity and ease into your home.

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Edit and Declutter

If you are starting out with existing furniture take a hard look at the big picture and see what pieces are truly functional, which ones make you happy or that you just love. The key is to surround yourself only with those items that contribute to creating a sense of peace and joy.

If you are starting with an empty slate, focus on finding pieces that are the best quality you can afford. Quality pieces and materials will not only last longer but more importantly, they will age better. These can be pieces that are new or vintage.

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A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

This is an old saying but it really influences how we feel and function in our space.

In one of our projects for a family with young kids we designed a few custom pieces to house all of the toys and books that would normally invade the entire first floor. The pieces include specific spaces for each childs belongings making it easy for kids to put things away.
When looking for furniture pieces consider not only how beautiful they are but also how they will function in this space; will they contribute to keeping things in their place.

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Creating resting spaces

A window seat, corner of a room, landing on a stair, a hallway; these can all be
opportunities to create a moment of pause.

A comfortable chair with a small table and a lamp and immediately you have a place to read and enjoy a book. A comfortable seat and cushions, you have a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the view outside. A bench with a special piece of art creates a beautiful place for your eyes to rest.

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Think Natural

Utilize colors you would find in nature, soft neutrals or greens and blues.These can all provide a sense of calm. Look for more organic shapes; clean, simple curves, eased edges on corners of furniture.

Also, wider floor boards can provide a sense of openness and ease and can appear less busy. But if you have smaller boards keep them in a lighter finish.

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Bring the Outside In

If you are working on a larger renovation, adding large windows, a skylight or french doors can open up sight-lines to the outdoors and will completely change the feeling of the room.

If you are not looking to do a major reno, plants are a wonderful way to bring nature indoors. It brings a sense of energy and life to your home.

Celia Welch Interiors

Another thing to reconcile is what you are comfortable with in terms of maintenance. Some people are deeply stressed about nicks and wear and tear and others are comforted by that sense of age and patina. Know what is best for you and work within that.

Ultimately, the goal is to surround yourself with pieces that mean something to you and that function well in the space. Ask yourself how each piece can contribute to your sense of ease and the ability to feel relaxed in your home.

Have you been able to simplify some spaces in your home? What was easy and where were the pain points? And of course, we’d love to see some before and afters!

“I believe that when we arrive, our home should reach out and welcome us in.”


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