The Power of Plants in Interior Design

July 28, 2023

Plants are not just decorative elements but vital components that breathe life into any interior project. In this post we delve into what it is about layering plants into design that we get most excited about. We also touch base with Kalei from our favorite local plant boutique, Rewild whose expertise we rely on to select the right plants for our clients spaces. She offers some advice on what to consider when welcoming plants into your home.

Celia Welch Interiors - The Power of Plants in Interior Design


Enhancing Aesthetics

Whether it’s a cascading ivy on a bookshelf, a statement fiddle-leaf fig tree, or a vibrant display of potted succulents, plants inject a sense of vitality, color, and natural elegance into any space. Plants have an unparalleled ability to add beauty, texture, and depth to any interior. They provide a refreshing visual contrast against the clean lines and smooth surfaces often found in contemporary designs.

The plant kingdom offers an incredible variety of options to suit every style and preference. Whether you prefer large statement plants or smaller clusters of greenery, there are plants that can seamlessly integrate into any design concept.

Celia Welch Interiors - The Power of Plants in Interior Design


Understanding your Plants New Environment

Kalei from Rewild emphasizes that bringing home a plant is the beginning of a very real relationship.The choice of plant depends a lot on the person and the place where the plant will live. Kalei usually starts off with a long list of questions. One of the initial considerations is what environment will that plant be living in. Are there vents, what is the light like throughout the day, is it a high traffic area, etc. This is when teaming up with an expert is extremely helpful.

Celia Welch Interiors - The Power of Plants in Interior Design


Beyond Instagram

Kalei suggests you look beyond Instagram. There is a lot more than what the latest trend is on instagram. It is important to come face to face with plants and to really touch and feel the different types. Another critical considertaion Kalei likes to determine early on is a clients comfort level with maintenance. Some plants need more attention than others. When designing our clients homes we strive to create a an ease of living and this follows for choosing plants as much as it does when selecting materials and furnishings. You do not want to add a 20 step routine to your life if that’s not what you feel you can handle. Another option if you prefer higher maintenance plants is to check with your local plant resource regarding maintenance programs they may provide.

Celia Welch Interiors - The Power of Plants in Interior Design


More than Just the Plant

When it comes to incorporating plants into your home design, selecting the right pot plays a crucial role in ensuring a harmonious and cohesive aesthetic. Consider the scale of the room and other furniture and accessories to ensure a balanced and well-proportioned arrangement. The type of pot is also an opportunity to add texture to your space. harmonize with other textures in the room, such as the upholstery, rugs, or wall finishes.

Kalei reminds us to choose a pot whose size makes sense for your plant. It is essential for the health of your plant to select a pot with the correct amount of space for your plant to thrive. She suggests choosing a pot that allows your plant to grow and develop its roots and consider the correct amount of drainage for your plant.

You can find some great options at Rewild and West Elm

Celia Welch Interiors - The Power of Plants in Interior Design


Health Benefits

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, plants have a remarkable ability to improve our overall well-being and create a healthier living environment. Incorporating plants into indoor spaces can reduce stress, increase productivity, and have a calming effect. They also act as air-purifiers, natural humidifiers, and even offer sound absorption all while adding color and texture to your home.

Celia Welch Interiors - The Power of Plants in Interior Design

These days I’m loving including plants into the spaces we design. They add a sense of warmth and energy. The benefits of incorporating plants into your interior design are undeniable. Plants have the power to transform any space into a harmonious and vibrant haven and are the finishing touch in making your design feel like a home.

If you are interested in diving deeper on understanding the world of plants and are local to the DC area you can attend one of Rewild’s incredibly informative workshops.

“I believe that when we arrive, our home should reach out and welcome us in.”


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